Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nanny McNiel

Hello All,
Yep, I've been making the 'rounds again. Here I am in Chicago, its almost midnight and I'm wondering why I'm still awake. Next to me swinging gently and smacking his lips while he sleeps is my new nephew, Asher Monroe McNiel, and not far away is his sister, Genevieve Elaine McNiel. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the twins have finally arrived. We waited SO long and they are here. I do not yet have a picture to post, but I will as soon as I can. OH how I love newborns. Their soft, velvety heads and sweet milky breath. Nothing really makes you see God more clearly then holding a tiny new born, hearing their heartbeat, feeling their breath and realizing that He created this little being out of nothing. He spoke and it was there. He knit them together in the womb. What a God we serve!

So I start to wax a little homesick, but then I remember how blessed I am. I remember what great siblings I have and what a joy it is to serve them. I love being a nanny, whether it is to my family or to my newest little friend Vivian. Meanwhile I tuck my own little mothering hopes and dreams away and give them to God. He knows my heart so well. How grateful I am for such wonderful training that I have had in the art of maternal love. Therefore I rejoice and am glad, YEA and I will rejoice!

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