Friday, February 17, 2012

Courtship 101

Hello out there!

Sorry that I've been so remiss in my posts. As it turns out, my life has been very full as of late. A new character has entered the scene. Here is my new friend. His name is Bruce Goff:

My new friend is also my suitor. I thought I'd give you all a little information on what courtship is all about. Courtship is the process of getting to know someone in order to decide whether or not you'd like to marry them. The young man approaches the father of a young lady and asks to spend time with her. The father spends some time getting to know the young man to discern whether or not he is prepared for marriage, suitable for his daughter, prepared for family leadership etc. Once the "vetting" is done, the father may or may not grant permission depending on how his conversations with the young man go. In my case, my dad said yes and invited Bruce for Christmas. After spending more time together, if the young man is still interested, he may then ask the father to "court" this means to intentionally set aside time to spend with the girl to further confirm his interest and then to persuade her. I need to stop here and put in a disclaimer that courtship varies from one family to the next and this is how it looks for me and my family. So Bruce and I have now been getting to know each other for a little over a month. All the big questions have been answered and now we are just developing our friendship and getting to know each other better. To some this may sound like arranged marriage or downright crazy, but it is SO much better than dating. How many girls go out with a guy only to find out that he is some creep that just wants to take advantage of you? That does not happen with courtship because the guy has to go through the dad first. How many guys get in a relationship and then want to get married but have to wait exorbitant amounts of time because he has no savings or job? This again does not happen in courtship. Courtship is getting to know someone for the right reasons, with the right things in line in your life, and having people watch out for you while you do it. Its that simple.

Bruce and I are enjoying this process, and hope to be an example to other people and to bring glory to God. So that is where I've been and who I've been with. The end.

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