Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Revisiting and Reviewing

          I had the opportunity this week to revisit my old occupation. I've been substituting for my mother at the Middle School. Its nice to be reminded of all that I have left behind, and all that I have gained. Sometimes my current occupation wears on me and I become discouraged and overwhelmed. I am glad to be reminded of how the word "overwhelmed" in my current occupation means something entirely different from "overwhelmed" in the public school system. I don't know how I lived with such stress and such turmoil. God surely gave me supernatural strength to get through those two years.
         One thing that this stint has reminded me of is the lack of motivation among the average American student. It is truly amazing how these children really have no affection for this system that the government has bent over backwards to give them. So called "education" is forced down the throat of countless boys and girls who couldn't care less about equations, words, books, and anatomy. Why is it that these children so clearly and openly hate school? I believe it is because they lack the foundations of life that are neccessary to be motivated and successful in any realm of life: love and vision. What is the point of this "education?" If it is really all about getting a good job and having money, then why try? They don't have to have a diploma or a degree to get a job, and even if they don't get a job, the government will take care of them. It is actually very difficult in this country to be literally homeless (and I mean without any sort of shelter, halfway house etc.). If the purpose of school is to improve themselves, well that won't matter much to them either. The reason a person improves themselves is not for their own self-satisfaction, it is for others. It is to be loved and appreciated. If a person has not been shown love, and does not believe they have any real significance on this world (which is the case without Jesus) then improve oneself becomes unimportant.
           It is very sad how little purpose and motivation these children have. I see vast numbers of 11-14 children here with little joy other than socializing and sports. Where is the substance and depth in our society? Encouraging "random acts of kindess" and "positive behavior support" is breeding a generation of empty and purposeless people with little motivation other than self-gratification. May God apprehend the lives of the administration and teachers and reveal to them the emptiness of their system, and the hollow core of their educational vision.

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  1. These are great things, Maria!
    I especially like what you said about the reasons a person improves themselves; you're quite right, without Christ things like that lose their purpose and drive.
    I'm looking forward to more posts!

    Love you dearly-

    p.s. You've gotten me interested in the book by Guiliano--I haven't heard of it before.