Monday, November 5, 2012

Still Not Home

Still Not Home

White, and wispy all at once, she saw it coming fast
planning, working, calling, making, hoping she would last.
Then it came, and she emerged in white from head to toe.
Veil blown by balmy breezes, bright and all aglow.
She looked him in the eyes, she felt her spirit soar.
Home never felt this close before.

That white and wispy dream it carried her so long.
It buzzed and rang inside her ears like a lovely ringing song.
Day after day the song wore off, and then she faced her life.
She was happy cooking, cleaning, being a little wife.
I must be home, she thought, and sat down with a sigh.
But something in her yearned and longed, and made her want to cry.

The days grew long, and sometimes dull, the wispy dream had left.
She felt a little lonely, a little bit bereft.
Perhaps something was missing to make a home out of her house,
Perhaps she needed time to find her place, 
and get to know her spouse.
But time went on and on and on, she knew that wasn't true.
There was no thing, no time, no spouse
 that could stop her feeling blue.

No place, no person, nothing here on earth could fill and satisfy.
No place would ever fill her heart, and stop the need to cry.
No apartment, house or hut could make her feel at rest.
No roof would satisfy the longing that weighed upon her chest.
The only thing, she realized, that would fill her to the brim,
Would be when she saw God and went to her eternal home with Him.

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